About the Owners

Established in 1999, Arcadia Self Storage is owned and operated by David and Renee Miller. With backgrounds in both the construction and bookkeeping trades, we make a good team as we provide and maintain self-storage for our customers. It is important to us that our customers get personal attention, good service, clean and safe grounds, and a fair price. We are committed to being reliable!

The self-storage business has been around for quite a while now; and when we first got involved, we had never rented a unit ourselves. Thankfully, living in this area all our lives, we always had family or close friends who could free up a little room in their garage or spare bedroom if we ever needed it. Renting a self-storage unit never seemed like a luxury we wanted to undertake. And years ago, leases were a long-term commitment, deposits were paid and administration fees were collected. Much of that has changed in the industry, and so have the terms for self-storage units themselves which have also been known as sheds, spaces, mini-storage, lockers, pods, mini-warehouses, etc.

Over the years, we have learned that self-storage is far from a luxury. No one decides to treat themselves lavishly and then chooses self-storage, say, over a vacation or over a new car. Not generally anyway. Self-storage is a needed service for so many of our customers:

Homeowners and Apartment Leaseholders are in need of self-storage for a variety of reason: moving, staging to move, remodeling or home additions, renovations for repair work, emergencies such as a death in the family or a natural disaster, collectibles, children’s memorabilia, seasonal decoration and much more. For reducing clutter, relocating, downsizing, or just to have extra space, self-storage is a perfect solution to all household storage needs. Everyday people, working hard, raising families, growing in prosperity and building relationships are the backbone of our industry. “Thank you for your persistence and influencing in the community we all love and share!”

Business Owners and Managers use self-storage as a necessary part of their ongoing operations. Realtors, plumbing supply distributors, antique dealers, electricians, home show sales entrepreneurs, landscapers, window washers, cabinet makers, florists, medical equipment suppliers, senior living facility managers, independent sales reps and many other business men and women find that a mini-warehouse unit is an affordable and convenient solution to needed storage. With multiple unit sizes, fenced and gated, 24-hour access, online payment, and no long-term commitment, Arcadia Self Storage provides a flexible, accessible, safe and clean environment for inventory, supplies, tools/equipment, seasonal pre-stocking, displays and all other business short-term or long-term storage needs. “Thumbs up to the hardworking business owners, managers and administrators that help to employ and grow our local economy!”

Military Personnel utilize self-storage facilities as they are frequently called on in the service of our country to relocate. Those moves, whether settling in our area or moving away to another duty station, often require short-term self-storage needs to be met. Military families and their possession may actually arrive at a location months apart. In addition there may be a need for long-term storage for select items while service men and women are stationed overseas. Due to their willingness to defend our freedoms, active military discounts are commonly available. “We salute and support our military men and women!”

College Students need self-storage more and more frequently as they are moving into campus dormitories that require vacating during summer breaks. Professors find that office changes and remote learning environments give rise to storage needs that never use to exist. We are thrilled to be a part of a community that has a thriving student population. From the University of West Florida to the campuses of Pensacola Christian College and Pensacola State College, our educators and students often need short-term self-storage to bridge the gap between semesters or between office reassignments for their belongings, literature and furnishings. “Hats off to these folks who teach and learn in our community!”

Non-Profit Directors use self-storage as they implement and achieve their mission to help others. Not-for-profit organizations find their goals rooted in the betterment of community and include wellness programs, preservation endeavors, worship assemblies, cultural education, commerce associations, and many other efforts. These groups often need self-storage for special event supplies such as tables, chairs, tents, and displays as well as for the ongoing collection of tangible donations gathered and grouped for distribution to those they serve. “We applaud our non-profit organizations who faithfully meet needs and encourage volunteerism in our community!”

At Arcadia Self Storage we are locally-grown, family-owned and proud to be a part of the Pace, Milton, Avalon area and the surrounding communities. Meeting self-storage needs for nearly 20 years, we are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who have given us the opportunity to earn their self-storage business. Our thanks for your trust and positive reviews, as word-of-mouth referrals is our best advertising. Far from a luxury, we have grown to understand that self-storage is a necessary and important part of households and community.

Eventually everyone needs self-storage! We light-heartily express this enthusiasm with our fill in the blank campaign on Facebook. “If You ___________, You Need a Unit!” Like us on Facebook, Send a suggestion, Come by and see us at the office. Most importantly, please know that we are present and accounted for -- If you need self-storage talk to the owners and managers personally at Arcadia Self Storage. Call us at 850-994-7908.

How to Reach Us

Office: 850-994-7908
Mobile: 850-494-2777

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When We Are Open

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Most Saturdays: 8 AM - 1 PM
Sunday: Closed
Holidays: Closed

Gate Hours
24 hours / 7 days

Where to Find Us

Located on Hwy 90
Between Bell Lane & Avalon Blvd.
4618 Lori Lane, Pace, FL 32571